6 wedding start-ups to chosse from to prepare the Big Day

Wedding startups
Wedding startups

Wedding start ups are a thing.

  1. Wedding wire

    WeddingWire, an online company that connects brides and grooms with wedding vendors,https://www.weddingwire.com/

  2. Weddingspot

    Wedding Spot is the first online site that allows you to search, price, and compare wedding venues. Working directly with venues, Wedding Spot gathers all the information required to enable you to easily search for venues based on budget, location, style, and guest count.
    https://www.wedding-spot.com/ helps you find the perfect venue

  3. Bridestory

    “Bridestory is an online global wedding directory and marketplace that helps to connect wedding professionals and vendors with engaged couples around the world.”

  4. Nuren

    uren Group is a content, community and commerce platform which includes Wedding.com.my, Motherhood.com.my,Nuren.sg, Mamahood.com.sg and Risawedding.com. These websites follow the important journey of most women from getting married to entering motherhood. Nuren Group focuses on gathering related vendors and services under one roof to allow users discover inspirations, find suitable products and shop online

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