Singapore based 8 Securities launches Chloe, Robo Advisor for the Asian market

8-securities - Chloe
8-securities - Chloe

The Asian market, led by China, has trillions of dollars lying dormant in banks. With such large investment potential waiting to be tapped, it’s no surprise that wealth management technology solutions are popping up. One of the solution providers that is making waves in the online security brokerage industry is a Singapore start-up named 8 Securities.

Its claim to fame: being the first zero commission mobile stock trading app to ever launch in Asia. 8 Securities is banking on charming investors with their robo-advisor app named Chloe.

It was developed with mobility, simplicity and transparency in mind. Its most notable features include: 1) Affordability. It’s free for accounts under HK$8,888 (USD $1,145). You can start investing with as little as HKS 1,000 (USD S128).

2) Flexibility. Chloe gives you the opportunity to save and invest at the same time. You can deposit or withdraw your money anytime with no fees.

3) Smart digital advice. It keeps track of your goals and optimizes your investment portfolio by partnering with credible advisors. Its prediction capabilities improve over time.

4) Global reach. You can diversify your portfolio across as many as 28 countries, 34 industries, and 1,637 stocks and bonds using exchange traded funds.

Chloe is showing stark advantages versus private banks and wealth management firms. This initial success has attracted an influx of other financial software providers. In the summer of 2016 alone, roboadvisors ToumiRA and XUANJI were launched in China.

Then there are the more traditional stock trading apps. With the market getting crowded, 8 Securities has poised itself to stay ahead of the game. It announced late last month that it would open its platform to asset managers and legacy banks. Their solution is built on customizable application program interfaces (APIs) that can be tailored to meet their clients’ needs and scale it quickly.


Grow your investment portfolio with Chloe