Robots in Singapore



This 1.4m-tall robot weighs 170kg and was developed by Panasonic. It can avoid obstacles, take the lift and move from room to room to deliver items without supervision. Since 2015, it has taken on some of the work of the porters at Changi General Hospital.


Developed by robotics start-up Techmetics, the 1.38m-tall robots use driverless technology and can be controlled from a tablet to deliver items. It has been used to deliver trolleys of duvets, pillow cases and towels at the Park Avenue Rochester Hotel in Buona Vista.


With a full head of hair and dewy skin, it is the most human-like robot in Singapore. It is able to remember faces, past conversations and even recognise expressions. Developed by Nanyang Technological University researchers, it is on show at the HUMAN+: The Future Of Our Species exhibition at the ArtScience Museum.



A 1.2m-tall robot with a touchscreen on its chest, it was developed by Japanese corporation Softbank Robotics. It was placed on a six-month trial at My First Skool Jurong Point last year, where it read stories to children. It has been used to serve customers at Softbank stores in Japan.


The 57cm-tall humanoid robot is currently on trial at Japanese rental-office firm Crosscoop Singapore, where it provides a range of information at the reception desk, from preferred accounting firms to nearby restaurants. It was used at MY World Preschool in Bukit Panjang last year to teach children in interactive ways, such as by dancing.