India Based Mad Street Den Wants to build models of generalizable intelligence on scale


One of India’s most interested AI company is MAd Street Den. Mad Street Den is a Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence Company. Founded in 2013 by a Neuroscientist – Designer duo, the company’s mission is to build models of generalizable intelligence on scale. The company is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. MSD is the provider of a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform. The company offers artificial intelligence and computer vision modules to facilitates various features includes object recognition, gaze tracking, emotion-expression detection, head and facial gestures as well as 3D facial reconstruction

The company was created by Ashwini Asokan who is the CEO and co-founder . A Carnegie Mellon alumni, Ashwini’s work typically sits at the intersection of technology, people and complex organizational systems. Until recently, she led the Mobile Innovation Portfolio as part of Intel Labs in California, driving research and development of cutting edge mobile products.

Ashwini and her team teach machines to see and experience the world like we humans do. Ashwini returned to India from Silicon Valley after more than a decade, to bootstrap her startup which she founded with her husband, Anand Chandrasekaran, a neuroscientist.

Anand is the CTO and co-founder of Mad Street Den. A Neuroscientist & Neuromorphic engineer by training, Anand comes from a History in academia. As a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University he was a member of the team that built Neurogrid, a neuromorphic chip that simulates a million neurons in real-time.

The company has developed, a Mad Street Den’s AI powered, vertically integrated solution stack for the Retail industry. Based on Computer Vision, the platform aims to use AI to learn, enhance & automate functions across the entire value chain for eCommerce companies, marketplaces, brands, stores and more.

The company raised 2.67M from Sequoia according to Pitchbook.