Granular is a farm management software that makes it easier to run a more profitable farm

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Granular is a farm management software that makes it easier to run a more profitable farm. Granular helps farmers break free from spreadsheets and get the analytics they need anytime, anywhere. Through Granular’s scheduling and collaboration tools, teams can get more done, with less.

Granular powers the world’s most efficient farms. The company’s cloud software and analytics platform helps farmers become more efficient and make better business decisions. Granular is headquartered in San Francisco and is backed by premier Silicon Valley investors Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, and Khosla Ventures

In 2015, Granular, raised $18.7 million in new funding to streamline operations on large, professionally managed farms.

Tao Capital Partners, the late stage fund that counts Tesla, Uber and SolarCity among its portfolio companies, led the Series B round.

Existing backers Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures and Khosla Ventures participated, with help from Emory Investment Management, Fall Line Capital, and H. Barton Asset Management.

Granular provides software to manage all aspects of running a farm, from the daily tasks out in the field to the budgeting and financial work in the office. It integrates with a farmer’s existing hardware, including tractors, drones and scales, to collect data from the field.

Everyone on the farm uses Granular’s mobile app to access a real-time work schedule and task list. Workers can see exactly where everyone is on a map, and exactly when each task is completed.

“A 10,000 acre farm might be spread out over 100 square miles of fields that are not right next to each other, so you have to figure out the right order to do everything in and how to optimize that,” says Granular founder Sid Gorham. “Right now everyone’s doing that with two-way radio and paper and pencil.”

In the office, Granular’s analytics dashboard helps farmers understand how each individual field is performing to make strategic decisions around planting and harvest.

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“Right now farms understand profitability at the total level, but with Granular, they can understand the profitability of each field and each crop,” says Gorham.

Since Granular launched its product in March of last year, the company has signed up several dozen large U.S. farms spanning nearly 1 million acres of land. Existing Granular customers include farms producing corn for Maker’s Mark and ingredients for Chipotle.

“By this time next year, we want to have the Farming 500 — the biggest and best farms in the country — on our system,” says Gorham. “We really want to serve the leaders in the market.” from Tecrunch

in 2014, Granular Inc. (formerly known as Solum Inc.), a San Francisco, CA-based provider of cloud business software and analytics offering for farmers, raised $4.2m in funding and sold its soil science business to Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON).

Backers in the round included Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, and Khosla Ventures.

The company intends to use the proceeds to expand itd engineering team and sales and customer support teams across the United States.

Led by Sid Gorham, CEO, Granular provides a cloud software and analytics platform for farmers to run their business in each of the main functional areas: planning, operations, marketing and finance. The solution captures critical production and financial data from each cropping cycle and uses advanced analytics to suggest opportunities for financial, operational and agronomic optimization.
The platform, which was in stealth development in 2013, is now beta testing on several farms in the Midwest. from finsmes

Granular main product focuses on the following functionalities:
Connect the field to the office and get more done.

  • Crop and Field Planning: Build your optimal crop and field plans in a few clicks, and you’ve automatically got your operational plan and input needs for the upcoming crop year.
  • Team Mobile App: Quickly assign the day’s work to your team. Make sure everybody has information they need to get the job done.
  • Equipment Integration: Automate field record keeping and inventory tracking utilizing your integrated precision equipment data and scale systems.

Financials: Make informed, field-level financial decisions

  • Profit Analysis: View the financial contribution each field makes to your bottom line. Get a picture of your financial position while you’re planning out your year. Monitor a rolling forecast to adjust course throughout season. Evaluate your performance based on actuals, and identify ways to improve the next year.
  • Revenue Forecasting: Keep track of the current value of all your contracts based on actual prices and production.

Inputs: Minimize input costs by benchmarking prices and controlling input inventory.

  • Input Usage Monitoring: Analyze your field-level input usage and costs against your plan to know where you’re over budget.
  • Input Inventory: Field applications, deliveries and returns update your inventory balances in real time so you never run out of what you need and can easily find costly supplier errors.

Price Benchmarking: Anonymously compare the prices you paid for inputs against those paid by peer farms in your area.

Crops: Keep a rolling forecast of costs, yield and price.

Yield Reconciliation & Reporting: Monitor and reconcile the yield from each field as it’s harvested so you know where you stand and have reports ready the instant you’re out of the field.

Crop Inventory: Track your crops in real time — from the field to their final destination.

Contract Settlement: Manage and settle your contracts, and get paid for the crop you deliver.

Reports: Streamline sharing data with business partners and stakeholders.

  • Applications by Field: Deliver complete and detailed production records to your landowners and regulators.
  • Yield by Field: Generate customizable yield reports for each field.
  • FSA Reporting: Automate the reporting of your planted acres and reporting to FSA and insurance agents.

Free Access to AcreValue Pro: Identify potential land expansion opportunities that are a good fit for your operation.