6 key mobile marketing features that you must master


Key mobile marketing features

  1. SMS campaigns: SMS devices are now widespread, brands are taking advantage of clients tendency to read them immediately upon receipt
  2. MMS campaigns: brands get creative and are using messaging services to deliver multi-media promotional images
  3. QR codes: The best calls to action are interactive invitations to bring audiences directly to a landing page to download your app.
  4. Push notifications: integrated and built-in smartphone features, push notifications to drive user engagement, act as reminders, reward users for accomplishments and draw attention to attractive offers
  5. ASO: The app store is built entirely separately from traditional online search engines. App developers must adjust accordingly to ensure their placement within the ever-growing store to boost downloads.
  6. Location-based services (LBS): mobile marketing can now get much more personal at a granular level. By utilizing a phone’s’ built-in GPS system it improves ad placements at a local scale.

Additional Mobile MarketingFeatures:

  • Mobile marketing campaigns easy to plan and execute, regardless of your technical experience (or lack thereof).  There is a bounty of advertising agencies that specialize in mobile marketing services to help you, the business, get on the right track, and that offer user-friendly software and great technical support.
  • Launching a mobile marketing campaign can be done very quickly, in as little as twenty-four hours.
  • Mobile marketing software tracks your deliveries, responses and conversion rates, so that you know just how effective your ads are.
  • You are able to market directly to your target audience through mobile marketing software interfaces designed to let you pick and choose who you send your ads to.
  • Subscribers control whether or not they receive your marketing ads.  Therefore, your audience is willing and interested, as opposed to captive.