Bambu is Asia’s premier b2b advisor


What is Robo Advisory?

Are you aware of the services of a financial advisor? When you hire a financial advisor, he sits with you, discusses and understands your goals and requirements and then suggests a financial plan invest in your business. You take the help of a financial advisor for taking your business to new heights. Robo-advisor plays the same role as a financial advisor. The only difference is while dealing with a robo advisor you do not deal with a human being but, with a computer program based on algorithms and programs.

A B2B Robo Advisor is implemented to enhance the client’s experience by including their investors in the digital investment circle. A Robo-advisor is a digital asset management service which provides technology-augmented, algorithm-based and automated portfolio management services.

Bambu is a B2B Robo-Advisor based in Singapore that offers digital money related services to all market sectors. Bambu was established in February 2016 by Ned Phillips and has partnered with world’s leading companies to create a leading Robo-Advisory platform that is expandable and usable by all customers. Bambu develops various applications for helping the business. It offers a digital platform that allows businesses to offer their customers automated and technology-augmented investment services. Bambu’s services and products offer superior customer experiences through digitization of services. The solutions offered by Bambu are:

1) Intelligence Advisory

The solution is for Private clients and is particularly targeted at Private Banks & Wealth Managers. Intelligent advisory aims to improve the efficiency of relationship managers.

2) White Label Robo

The solution is for affluent or retail and is particularly targeted at Banks. Insurance Companies & Asset Managers. This goal-based Robo Advisor offers


Standard Chartered Bank has chosen to initiate a Proof of Concept project with Bambu. 


B2B Robo-Advisor With Successful Seed Round

ingapore-based robo-advisor Bambu has received seed capital. Tigerspike and angel investors from Singapore funded the round.

The total funding of $400,000 will be used to developing robo-advisors, that offer automated, low-cost, investment advisory services through web-based and/or mobile platforms, and leasing its tools to companies.

Currently, Bambu has three separate robo-advisory products targeted at savings, investments, and private banking. Having commenced operations earlier in February 2016, it has secured two corporate clients including media and information

Significant Potential for Growth

Bambu CEO and founder Ned Philipps  said to the media, his company has generated an estimated $300,000 in revenue since commencing operation for its first two clients, with significant potential for growth.

Philipps was formerly the Asian managing director of E*Trade Financial Corporation, which in June launched a robo-advisor service coupled with an investment team.