AWS launches Migration Hub to make cloud moves even easier


AWS launched Amazon Macie today, a service that leverages machine learning to help customers prevent inadvertent exposure of sensitive data and unauthorized access to data in Amazon S3.

Inside the company’s S3 (Simple Cloud Storage Service) platform, Amazon Macie will use natural language processing to discover and classify sensitive data, looking at factors such as personally identifiable information, private keys, and credit card information.

“Cloud has become the new normal for even the most highly regulated, data-sensitive organizations like FICO”, said Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS.

In addition to AWS’ services, the Migration Hub also supports third-party migration services from members of the Amazon Partner Network.

Workloads on AWS can be vulnerable to a number of different threats including cross-site scripting, SQL injection and botnets, and if one virtual server is compromised malware has potential to move to a customer’s other machines.

Hulu joins a growing list of media companies and broadcasters running their media supply chains and OTT delivery pipelines on AWS, including Amazon Video, AOL, BBC, Channel 4, C-SPAN, Daily Voice, Discovery Communications, Flipboard, GoPro, Guardian News & Media, Hearst Corporation, LIONSGATE, NDTV, Netflix, News International, News UK, Newsweek, PBS, Simfy Africa, Sony DADC, SoundCloud, Spotify, Time Inc., and United Daily News. Macie can provide a baseline and companies can configure settings from there.

Macie arrives a few months after AWS introduced an initial suite of AI services. From there, Glue crawls the data and creates tags and tables based on things like “data formats and schemas” that administrators can then use to run analysis scripts. Glue is a fully managed extract, transform, and load service that makes it easier for customers to prep and load data into the cloud. “Putting our stream ingest, repackaging, DVR storage, and origin serving on AWS freed us from having to build out data centers and led to a faster time to market with higher availability”.

“While it’s wonderful to see how much analytics are being run on AWS today, many have told us that there is one piece of the equation that is still way too hard – cleaning and preparing huge volumes of data for analysis”. The Macie dashboard will include data visibility, events, behavioral analytics and automated workflows and alerts. “It also makes it possible for customers to store their data in as many sources as they want, and very quickly start analyzing all of it with whatever AWS service they choose”.

Although the Migration Hub is hosted in AWS’ US-West-2 region, it can help manage migrations around the world.