AWS launches data security service called Macie with machine learning


Macie is AWS’ managed service designed to protect sensitive data across S3 with more data repositories to follow.

Amazon Web Services has launched a security service that uses machine learning to identify, classify, and protect data across the cloud service.

The service, called Amazon Macie, recognizes personally identifiable information, intellectual property and other sensitive data and provides visibility into access and movement.

AWS said Macie is a managed service that monitors data access for anomalies and provides alerts. For now, AWS said Macie will support S3, but be available for other data stores. AWS will charge by the GBs of S3 content classified and CloudTrail events analyzed.

Macie is likely to become handier when it is available across AWS’ data stores. Once Macie is supported across AWS repositories it’ll apply to big data applications. Machine learning will be the only way to keep up with securing data as it proliferates across an enterprise. Macie can provide a baseline and companies can configure settings from there.


AWS added that Autodesk, Edmunds, and Netflix are initial Macie customers. As for the Macie roadmap, AWS said that it will integrate with Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, Trend Micro, and others. The Macie dashboard will include data visibility, events, behavioral analytics and automated workflows and alerts.

The company said that Macie is currently supported in the US East region and US West. Here’s a look at some pricing illustrations.

AWS launches data security service called Macie with machine learning