Atomwise uses artificial intelligence to discover new potential medicines

drug discovery

Atomwise uses artificial intelligence to discover new potential medicines. Atomwise built the first deep neural network for structure-based drug design. Atomwise is helping researchers tackle chronic diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes; neglected global diseases such as Ebola and malaria; resurgent diseases such as antibiotic-resistant germs; and bioterror threats such as botulinum neurotoxin. Atomwise trains deep 3D convolutional neural networks that autonomously learn spatial and chemical features, and predict which molecules are likely to be effective. The neural networks are applied throughout the drug discovery pipeline to optimize the initial leads into potent medicines and adjust them to avoid toxicity problems. Atomwise can analyze millions of molecules per day, orders of magnitude faster than other physical testing technologies, and helping find cures months or even years faster.

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