15 Artificial Intelligence companies from India in Natural Language Processing /Machine Learning /Semantic Web

India AI in MAchine Learning
India AI in MAchine Learning

India has been hard at work on the AI scene.

  1. Haptik.ai | Free Personal Assistant Haptik is India’s first Conversational Commerce platform that is powered by both AI and real humans and they aim to redefine the way people get their everyday jobs done using a chat bot as the underlying interface. They have built a sophisticated system which is a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Process & Machine Learning; while the bot learns every time a new query is answered.
  2. niki.ai is developing a Chat Bot that automates end to end ordering through chat. Niki is fully functional AI-powered bot that can perform a variety of tasks ranging from mobile recharge to online shopping to cab booking at your beck and call. It aspires to be one-stop destination for all of your ‘purchasing’ – a personal shopping assistant of choice for one and all.
  3. Braina is an Artificial Intelligence(AI) software that performs many tasks when asked in natural language and serves as a virtual assistant that helps you perform various operations quickly
  4. Supertext is your shortcut to get things done on-demand, a one-point portal that uses a chat-interface to fulfill all your daily tasks. At it’s core, Supertext is a human augmented intelligence system called SuperCentral that uses customer profiling tools, hyper-local search integration and pricing algorithms to find specific options for multiple verticals.
  5. Staqu – Perceiving the future Utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning technologies to provide precise reverse image search solutions. The search engine is designed in a way that it can retrieve exact matches from the indicated database for an input image. Various information like content, color, shape and texture are extracted and fused together to provide visual search solutions for various e-commerce businesses.
  6. Morph.ai is an end-to-end solution that empowers companies to make their services available over conversation-based interfaces using natural language understanding and artificial intelligence. Morph.ai is suitable for businesses and brands of all sizes that provide online services to their customers.
  7. MagicTiger is a chat enabled Artificial Intelligence platform which strives to personally assist you with your daily tasks. One app to handle many tasks, including recharging your phone, paying phone and utility bills, making travel plans, booking events, ordering groceries, and many more… It’s smarter, faster and easier than ANY other app. The AI ensures that.
  8. Insight Jedi is a pure algorithms company, where all business problems are abstracted to a mathematical framework. This allows their product to scale across multiple problems and various domains. At Insight Jedi they want to bridge the disconnect between between business problems, mathematical techniques and machine-learning algorithms.
  9. Artivatic Data Labs Pvt Ltd is an advanced AI, NLP, computer vision based Cognitive technology engine that enables personalized recommendation-based decisions to be automated and delivered smartly in real time for consumers and businesses; through software, intelligent surfaces, IoT & Wearable devices.
  10. TeleArc is a Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management Product company dedicated to provide solutions that improve the business performance of telecom carriers. Founded in 2005, TeleArc is today one of fastest growing telecom software company that offers advanced analytics and focuses its activities on Telecom business niches. TeleArc offers integrated end-to-end revenue assurance and AI based analytics.
  11. Iken Personics provides consumer facing businesses (e.g. Telecom, Retail, Media & Entertainment) with a revolutionary personalization platform, Mooga. Mooga is a state-of-the-art customer analytics platform that provides real-time, contextual, operational and automated intelligence using a combination of hybrid AI (artificial intelligence) along with other filtering techniques.
  12. Xurmo is a product R&D Company that has built the next-generation platform for Unified Analytics on Big Data to host self-learning, predictive applications. Xurmo is HQ-ed in Bangalore, India and has offices in NJ, USA.;Xurmo enables self-learning, predictive applications to be built by business analysts and software developers with minimal support from data scientists.
  13. Surukam Analytics provides next generation Artificial Intelligence (NLP and Machine Learning) solutions to automate decision-making processes and workflows. Their legal platform CruxIQ ( CruxIQ | Intelligent Contract Platform ) makes contracts simple by sorting through hundreds of potential combinations of clauses in minutes, and delivering a personalized contract, complete with example template.
  14. GLIB.ai is an Intelligent Language Processing and Understanding platform created by experts in NLP. GLIB helps businesses create a better, enhanced conversation with their customers.
  15. Parallel Dots is a technology company building state of the art artificial intelligence solutions and bringing them to developers, startups and enterprises. Their vision is to build platform that will democratize artificial intelligence and bring it closer to masses.
  16. Makers Lab Tech Mahindra is TechM’s innovation lab. It is responsible for Innovation and Co-Innovation with various customers in Telecom, Healthcare, Retail and in many more domains. The key areas of Makers lab are Machine Learning, IoT, Robotics, and Micro Services. The products and PoC’s performed in following areas, X-Retail, Face recognition and emotion tracker, Robotics, Phone business intelligence etc.
  17. CollabLayer is a SaaS app that enables smart collaboration and insight discovery from unstructured content. By accounting for context it eliminates need for traditional search and by using semantic analysis it makes smart decisions possible.
  18. Formcept provides semantic analysis of unstructured data;• Scalable Storage of Data;• Semantic Enrichment of Data;• Query and Delivery of Data;• Visualization of Data; Platform supports both in private cloud and on-premise